Saturday, November 9, 2013

Creamy - Spicy Butternut Soup ~

I'm not certain were I got this recipe a year or so back, I think maybe all recipes, and finally made it. It's yummy!  Both squash soups (this and Red Kuri) are equally very good and very different in taste, both worth trying.  The Butternut's coloring was on a duller side due, I believe, to a darker broth and over-all not as pretty as the Red Kuri; still very nice.  I could have also placed my dehydrated apples in a nicer display - but I was anxious to try it!

Creamy - Spicy Butternut Soup
You will need:

2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1-1/2 lbs. Butternut Squash, peeled, seeded and cut into 1" chunks*
1 large onion diced
1Tbsp butter
1 pinch sugar (1/8tsp)
3 large garlic cloves sliced thin
1-1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. ginger
1/4 tsp. cloves
1/8 tsp. cayenne
3 cups chicken broth
1-1/2 cup half & half
salt & pepper to taste

In large pan heat oil with medium high heat.  Add squash and onion sautéing until squash starts to turn golden brown.  Reduce heat to low and add butter, sugar and garlic.  Continue cooking until all vegetables are richly spotted caramel in color about 10 minutes long.  Add spices cook 30 - 1 minute then add broth.  Bring to a boil over medium high heat.  Reduce heat to low and simmer partially covered until squash is tender about 10 minutes.  Using an immersion blender or in batches in counter top blender puree until very smooth.  Add half and half - season to taste.  Serve it up warm with apple chips.  Yum Yum Yummy!

*I doubled the recipe so to cut the cooking time down for the squash use smaller chunks.

Red Kuri Squash Soup

Red Kuri Squash Soup

You will need:

1- 1/2 lbs. Red Kuri Squash or Butternut, peeled and cut into 1"cubes
1/2 med onion coarsely chopped
1 bay leaf
1 medium fennel bulb cored and sliced into thin wedges
1 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
1 Tbsp. butter
Chopped toasted pecans and small marjoram leaves for garnish.

Prep - squash
Pre-heat oven to 375

In large sauce pan combine squash, onion and bay leaf with 3 cups of water and bring to a boil over high heat.  Cover and simmer over low heat about 20 minutes until the squash is tender.

Meanwhile, on a large rimmed baking pan toss the fennel wedges in 1 Tbsp. of olive oil and roast for 25 minutes until tender and starting to brown.

Discard bay leaf and working in batches puree the cooked squash and onion in blender. Return soup to pan and warm over low heat.  Stir in butter and season with salt and pepper.  Laddle into bowls and garnish with the roasted fennel, pecans, marjoram leaves (this I was out of ) and drizzle with olive oil. :)  Delish ~

I found this recipe here on the Food and Wine link.
Red Kuri Squash also known as Baby Red Hubbard and Orange Hokkaido is a winter squash with good nutritional value.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

A "Perfectly Good" Chocolate Cake

Yep - we celebrated another birthday - with to much food (heavy dinner choices from Dad) and of course "cake!"  I do believe - in my own mind that I can bake.  I've also been told this from others.  Pictured is cake number two - the first cake was tossed; TOSSED!

I realize there's always a story with me and originally I wanted to make a Sour Milk Chocolate Cake.  Is there such a thing as sour milk that's spoiled?  There has to be!  Well more to this story is the sweet goat milk I didn't finish that soured - yet I just didn't want to through it out.  Mistake for cake - the sweet milk turned sour and spoiled to goaty - that lead me to pictured cake and number two.  :D  The Perfectly Good Chocolate Cake from Hershey.

It was moist and tasted great - I did make this cake before.  I'm just not into to sweet and it is that.  I cut back a bit on the sugar but at this point I was already caked out!  LOL  I also did not frost the cake as in recipe I just slathered it in the middle and on top and sprinkled pecans on.  Oh the cake does require milk also but sweet and last word on the recipe - it states thin batter - - runny is really the word and when you make it don't worry about the batter it all turns out and makes a lot.  Very rich! Black coffee needed or a tall glass of ice cold "sweet milk."  :D

Most important Dad liked it - it was his birthday and that's all that mattered!

And by the way Joanie check it out I was able to use the cake tin top you bought me.  It actually worked perfect on my glass cake server.  Thank you dear friend I miss a lot!

For a crafty tip - if you don't have a pedestal cake server you can make your own like I did.  All you need is a glass plate, a parfait dessert glass and clear silicon.